Manifest Need – Least Restrictive In-Custody Restraint – Reduced Overtime

Law Enforcement,

As all of you are already aware, maintaining department budgets while still providing adequate law enforcement services is a delicate responsibility. In your courthouses, where high-profile trials are scheduled, costs of increased security, safety and overtime can be overwhelming.

With 20 plus years of law enforcement experience in courthouse security, Priest Ergonomics offers the next generation in courtroom safety. The Custody Chair utilizes a locking waist belt and is the least restrictive in-custody containment system available. The Custody Chair provides a comfortable, pain-free invisible containment for non-combative subjects in supervised law enforcement custodial settings. The Custody Chair is ideal for use at defendant tables, witness stands and interview rooms.

While protecting the human dignity of persons deprived of their liberty, courtroom security can be safely and significantly enhanced by utilizing The Custody Chair in the following ways:

1. In-custody person sits in the same style and color of chair as everyone else in the courtroom. (eliminates juror speculation)

2. Adjustable locking containment belt can be completely invisible to jurors. (no need for a table curtain)

3. The Custody Chair is pain-free and ergonomically comfortable for short or long trials. (person contained able to participate in his or her trial without fear of pain compliance)

4. The Custody Chair utilizes the least restrictive containment available. (as required by case law and court hearing on manifest need)

5. The Custody Chair can also be used in the witness box. (eliminates possible attack on judges and need for security to be very close to in-custody witness)

6. With judicial & security concurrence, use of The Custody Chair can reduce the number of security personnel required. (helps eliminate overtime costs)

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