Ergonomic Chairs for Comfort & Safety

In today’s ergonomic seating environment, professionals are searching for innovative business and safety solutions that bring together design, comfort and safety in a cost-effective package.  Priest Ergonomics was created to combine modern ergonomic and comfort seating for home and business with the security needs and requirements of law enforcement.  As the owner of Priest Ergonomics and a retired deputy sheriff with 20-plus years working in the San Diego Superior Court, I’m dedicated to providing products that will enhance the comfort of you, your employees, and increase the safety of our courthouses, jails, police stations, and communication centers.    – Cliff Priest

Our Mission

At Priest Ergonomics, we’re committed to the safety, support, productivity, and longevity of organizations and the people who drive them.

We understand the long-term effects that extensive hours in sedentary positions have on the body. We’re also familiar with the benefits that proper seating and posture can bring to every aspect of life, from work to home to play.

It’s with a strong desire to help you get the most out of each day that we stand dedicated to your overall comfort and safety. Our mission is to bring you support in body and in mind, at home and at work, and to help you enjoy life longer.

Our Pledge To You

You are our number one priority. We aim to serve you at the highest standard; to provide accurate consultation and exceptional advice; to bring you long-term comfort complemented by modern design; to help you get the most from each day, now and for years to come.